Comment Policy

The sole purpose for this site is to ask questions, solve problems, and share insight.  This is a place to ask and to answer the question, “Why”.  It is a place for building up, not tearing down our fellowman.

All respectful and thoughtful comments are welcome: they may voice agreement or critique, initiate or participate in a debate, or simply introduce an alternate viewpoint.  I sincerely welcome and look forward to your thoughts, providing they do not disrespect the intellect or personal character of either yourself or others.

All site-friendly comments will post.

Examples of site-friendly comments

  • Debate
    • “I disagree… present your argument or statement of disagreement
  • Critique
    • “You misspelled the word, ‘misspelled word’.”  [Provide correction]
    • “Your statement is vague/lacks clarity.  It should say, [State the correction]”
    • “Your statement fails to grab the attention of your audience:  It should say, [Provide alternate statement].”
  • General
    • “I don’t understand what you’re trying to say”
    • “You make no sense to me” [Explain why if possible]
    • “Please explain”
    • “I wouldn’t say it like that”.  [Explain why]
    • “Site “X” has much better content”.  [Explain why]
  • Praise and Agreement
    • “That is a great argument”
    • “Thank you”
    • “I agree: [Provide your reason for agreement if relevant]”
    • “I don’t agree with your point of view but I certainly admire the work you put into making it your own”
    • “I discussed your viewpoint with my family and friends and we all agree – what you say is true”.  [Provide your reason for agreement if relevant]

This is not to say you must walk on egg shells to prove a point.  If you must attack, attack the validity of what a person says, not the person. Just please show respect to your fellowman, even if he or she does not deserve it from your point of view.

Examples of comments that will not post

  • Profanity/Vulgar Language
    • “Jesus Christ” (if used as expletive), “God D—”, “Fu–”, “Bull S—”, “Pussy”, or equivalent
  • Personal Attacks
    • “You’re a fool”, “What an idiot”, etc.
  • Racist Statements
    • “Go home, Jew”, “…towel head”, “…nigger”, or other equivalent ethnic/religious slur
  • Hip Shooting (all blanket statements that shoot down with no explanation)
    • “That’s just fluff” – with no further respectful explanation
    • “I disagree” – with no further explanation
  • Distraction Statements (idle discussion/topic-irrelevant)
    • “I’m bored”
    • “I have a hot date tonight”
    • “Hey baby…”
    • “Did you try out the new Playstation”
    • “Nothing makes me happier than relaxing into a first-person shooter game with an ice-cold beer”

It takes a sharp mind to fully engage an audience without profanity and/or derogatory behavior; and besides, the results are rewarding.