The following represents my core motivation behind every statement and accompanying elaboration posted within this blog, Truth Behind Reality. It also drives each of my replies to subscriber and visitor comments.

Most of us get by in this world, but barely.  Most of what we believe is either borrowed or misconceived and perpetually recycled generation after generation.  To one degree or another, each of us maintains a slanted view on most everything, diminishing the hope for sound relationships, personal well-being, and life after death.

We will believe most anything if it appeals to our sense of self-entitlement, allows us to feel superior to someone who does not share that same belief, harmonizes with our self-indulgent beliefs and desires, and allows us to feel deserving and justified in our attempt to control others.  We will believe almost anything if it allows us to live life on our own terms, insisting that we are the master and life is our slave.

We subscribe to these beliefs, not realizing they are merely our way of spiritualizing – or deifying – a way of life that exploits the real problem, our own self-destructive and selfish nature.  We desire autonomy, so we make it our belief system, but consequently destroy our relationships with others, insisting they leave us alone.  We believe in self-control, so we reject everything that makes us feel out of control; passion, love, service to others, self-sacrifice, humility, admission of wrongdoing, etc.  We believe in purity, so we vehemently attempt to destroy everything we think is impure, not realizing we have yet to identify what purity is.  What does it mean to have a pure heart; to have pure motives, pure intentions, pure thoughts?

We don’t deliberately try to deceive ourselves through our blind beliefs, but nonetheless embrace them because we are desperately trying to find truth.  We are trying to find something that seems right, something that gives us purpose, a personal mission in life, a sense of belonging, and fellowship with our fellowman.  We are trying to find that one thing that provides stability, something we can trust completely – something that is absolutely true.

There is only one difference between something that seems true and something that is true.  Something that is true is true whether we believe it or not.  Something that seems true may or may not be true, but we will convince our self to believe it if our desire is strong enough.

My point here is that until we each take an honest look at our own contradictory and self-destructive nature and then become willing to let truth change us from the inside out, we will literally believe anything and label it true.

My hope is that you will find the thoughts I present on this sight to be personally meaningful; that they will build a bridge of understanding that leads away from what seems true, and instead, toward what is, Truth.



13 Responses to About

  1. Diane says:

    It is obvious that the words penned on the About page have not been written frivolously but with deep introspection into the subject of truth. The reader must also read with the same depth of introspection to receive a full understanding of truth. Thank you for this insight.


  2. mntlnrg says:

    Thank you for the comment. I appreciate your thoughtful feedback


  3. pbus1 says:

    Hello. This is a powerful and insightful post! Ostensibly, much thought was given to the topic of this post!

    I wanted to stop by your website, to thank you for your most thorough response to a question I had as regards to the differences between the NIV version of the Bible, and the ESV MacArthur Study Bible. I appreciate the time you took to respond to my comment, and to search for a link related to my question. My comment/question was posted on New Leaven. Thank you again, and I will visit your website regularly, in hopes of gleaning further insight, from your most thoughtful posts. God bless you!


    • Todd Beal says:

      You are certainly welcome, and thanks for the feedback. Your question was too important to let go unanswered. I’m glad to have you here and look forward to hearing your thoughts.



  4. Ann says:

    Hello Todd,

    Thanks for popping by my site. I appreciate the visit.

    I like this statement “There is only one difference between something that seems true and something that is true. Something that is true is true whether we believe it or not… ” As simple as that!!

    May His truth become real to us as we spend time in His presence.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go wonder around your blog and read to my heart’s content 🙂



  5. Todd,

    I have not heard from you in awhile? I hope this finds you well!


    • Todd Beal says:

      Thanks for your concern Fr. Robert. As I briefly explained in my two comments, here and here, my vision recently made another massive change. Of course, the way I see affects the way I think, and the way I think affects the way I see. Each affects the other. I did not plan on being away from blogging this long but I am still trying to acclimate to this new way of thinking. I feel like I am on shaky ground with this new mindset. I don’t know whether to present my thoughts philosophically, simply and directly, matter of fact-like, or all these combined as a single hybrid. I just don’t know which way to proceed. I have so much I need to share; so much I need to learn and understand. I miss our conversations on your blog and I miss the brainstorming sessions we all have on each other’s blogs, but I simply feel like I am at a crossroad not knowing which direction to follow. I feel like my broad mind is trying to reformulate, or sum up, all I have learned and understand. In a certain sense, my thoughts are more intense than ever, but in another sense they are not directing me toward a particular concept, logical argument, area of research, etcetera.

      I do know this: a deep and all-consuming passion is growing within me, powerfully compelling me to pursue the core depths of theology. I never knew I would someday become interested in serious doctrinal study of scripture, or even theology proper, but here I am, unable to shake this intense need within me. It is much more than “I want to” – I have to! The problem is that I don’t know which direction to head. I have invested so much time and energy in learning to think and write the way I do on Truth Behind Reality, your blog, Lance’s blog, and elsewhere. Now, everything is changing; including my approach to thought and the overall method of presenting my conclusions. This is not a bad thing, but nonetheless unsettling to say the least.

      Well anyway Fr. Robert, I would certainly appreciate your prayers on my behalf. I want to get going again. I want to engage in more awesome conversations with you, Lance, Michael, and the others. I want to glean and share more truth. I want to help reunify our splintered Church.

      Thanks again for following up.


      • Todd,

        I am so excited for you! I have been a Christian for over 40 years now, and I too am always tweeking my theological doctrine! Indeed the doctrine of God is always going to take us..’up and in’ if I can say it toward God In Christ! I have had many changes in my Christian, and mental and theological life myself! All I can say is that GOD has always His hand of grace and providence on us/me! I am so very blessed in this life of grace and mercy, and also glory! But Christ Jesus is always “Incarnate”, HE is ever present by His dear Holy Spirit…Himself always the bond and person of love between the Father and the Son!

        God Bless my brother!
        Fr. Robert


  6. cshowers says:

    When I saw the title of your site and read your “About” section, I was reminded of the conversation that took place between Pontius Pilate and Jesus…

    Pilate replied, “You are a king then?”

    “You say that I am a king, and you are right,” Jesus said. “I was born for that purpose. And I came to bring truth to the world. All who love the truth recognize that what I say is true.”

    “What is truth?” Pilate asked. Then he went out again to the people and told them, “He is not guilty of any crime (John 18:37-38 NLT).

    This has long been one of my favorite scriptural passages, and when I read your quote, “There is only one difference between something that seems true and something that is true. Something that is true is true whether we believe it or not. Something that seems true may or may not be true, but we will convince our self to believe it if our desire is strong enough,” I was intrigued… I look forward to following your posts on your quest for the truth.

    Many blessings in Christ’s name,


    • Todd Beal says:


      I have reflected on that very conversation between Pilate and Jesus many times over the years. It is ironic that, to conclude Jesus was truly innocent, Pilate necessarily employed the very truth he ultimately denied. He failed to see the contradiction between his rhetorical statement to Jesus, “What is truth”, and his subsequent true conclusion of Jesus’ innocence.

      Based on your comment, Cheryl, I recommend starting with the post, “Does Truth Exist”. After that, read My Story and visit the Post History page.

      Thanks for your devotion to truth, and thank you for subscribing to Truth Behind Reality. I look forward to exchanging thoughts with you.



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