How to Read My Posts

Each of my posts consists of a title and statement followed by the author’s name.  Most statements are followed by an explanatory elaboration that gives contextual examples and scenarios, admonitions and encouragement, as well as the occasional instruction.

The majority of these statements are technically known as aphorisms but some are more in line with poetry (though I am surely not a poet).  Traditionally and historically, aphorisms are not accompanied by an explanation – they are meant to stand alone.  Over the years however, numerous people requested that I give examples and explanations to help them understand each statement.  I did exactly that; and as it turns out, I personally grow each time I write a new elaboration.  It is tremendously difficult to write something that points the finger right back at me, but I am determined to press forward with my passion for understanding truth and sharing it with others (we cannot live without it).

I write the majority of all statements; although some are either public domain or they are authored by other individuals who have given me their permission to use what they have written. Each elaboration is authored by me.

Please, before you decide upon accepting or rejecting anything you find on this site, honestly ask yourself, “Do I truly understand what I just read… entirely?

In the mean time, please ask questions for clarification (either of me or the other Truth Behind Reality subscribers and visitors, as relevant to the issue at hand). I may not word things the way you would word them and vice versa; verifying what each other is saying is the best prevention for unnecessary disagreement. Sometimes we are each saying the same thing but for some reason don’t recognize it. At other times, we may think we are each saying the same thing but in reality our thoughts are worlds apart. Honest questions with true answers go a long way toward resolving our perceived disagreements (and agreements); but in so doing, obtaining Truth must always remain our conscious goal.

We each are unique individuals with unique personalities and unfortunately, regardless of personal aptitude and/or giftedness, we will not always see eye-to-eye – even on those things with which we actually agree upon most. If you will adopt a “wait-and-see” approach, asking intermediate questions for clarification, you’ll most likely find that you and I (as well as the other visitors and subscribers) are closer in agreement than what initially seems apparent. In so doing, regardless of the outcome, we will have personally engaged each other in a meaningful dialog – a most rare treat in our “me at the expense of everyone” society.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, whether in agreement or otherwise. We have a lot in common you and I, we are human. Let’s make the most of it.

Welcome to Truth Behind Reality.


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