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Live Without Regret

Tomorrow is not today, today is not yesterday. So why think this moment the same as your next, as if it cannot change? We do, because our days are interconnected. Make the most of them – live life without regrets, … Continue reading

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Why Do I Hate God?

We hate; therefore we hate God. Todd Beal ♦ But we won’t accept this about our self. We try to remake God in our own image, giving him the same broken attributes we call ‘being human’. We are conniving, so … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t Others Like Me?

If it is possible for me to lose an ability – if only for a time – then it also remains possible for someone else to have neither gained nor ever gain that same ability.

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What Makes My Belief True?

Who among us will bow his ego to reason, knowing full well that, quite possibly, truth will show at least one contradiction within his most cherished doctrinal belief? Todd Beal

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Why Should I Worship God?

Pure worship is pure humility which is complete openness to God. Through this alone God fills us with his fullness, full and overflowing – always. ♦ Apart from pure worship we close our self both to God and our self, … Continue reading

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What Determines Morality?

Without truth, our approach to morality is forever subject to the whim of human desire. Todd Beal ♦ The key to understanding morality is determining what is right, first, so that by default we equally know what is wrong. When … Continue reading

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What Is the Purpose of Sex?

Fool’s gold is plentiful and looks real to the untrained eye, but real gold is hard to obtain and compares to nothing else once experienced. Todd Beal ♦ We often times focus so much on the “jackpot” act of sex … Continue reading

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