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Stop Staying Busy

Be productive – staying busy does not mean you have accomplished anything. Continue reading

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Beyond the Intellect

Knowledge in and of itself does not equal an experience. Christy Shaw ♦ Knowledge apart from experience is always second hand. First-hand knowledge is gleaned only, always, from first-hand experience. Knowledge apart from experience is hearsay at best,

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Be Wise

Not one person is born without wisdom but that does not make a person wise. Todd Beal ♦ Wisdom is the ability to understand the best possible outcome for a particular situation and make the most appropriate decision based on … Continue reading

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Begin to Finish

You can’t get it done ‘til you start. Norman Beal ♦ It is most easy to imagine a great result; intoxicating, to rest in a future where all things are complete and in working order. But without now – right … Continue reading

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Being At Your Best – Feeling Self-Confident

The feeling of self-confidence is not necessarily the prerequisite to, or result of, being at your best. Todd Beal ♦ Self-confidence is not the measure of competence; it is a lack of self-doubt, the inner assuredness of one’s ability. Competence … Continue reading

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Become You – Be Free

You need not be ashamed of whom and what you are as long as who and what you are successfully strives to be whom and what you need to become.

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Belief by Disbelief

Don’t deceive yourself and others by developing personal beliefs rooted in your disbelief in something else. Todd Beal ♦ Residing within each one of us is the intrinsic need to believe in something that is larger than we are; it … Continue reading

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