Elizabeth’s Quest for Truth

My constant mission for Truth Behind Reality is to deep dive behind what we normally accept as reality.

Most of us too readily accept the people and events in our lives at face value. We are satisfied with skimming the surface without ever going deeper than our presumptuous conclusions. Sure, we may dive deep into someone or something, but we do so based only on our initial presumption that what we want to believe is true and everything else is false. That makes us closed-minded. Something is either true or not true whether we believe it or not, even if we believe it with our whole heart.

This past week I have had the privilege of talking to Elizabeth Carter here on Truth Behind Reality. She is a 71 year old lady whose lifelong passion for discovering and understanding truth – not presumptiously but authentically and deeply – is unusually similar to what I have described in My Story.

Please read her story below (originally a comment on the Truth Behind Reality post, “Does Truth Exist?”).

Thank you Elizabeth.

Todd Beal

Elizabeth’s Quest for Truth

I have dedicated my life to seeking truth. I have no idea why it has been the most important thing in my life, all of my life. I often seemed to be the only person I knew who actually believed there was such a thing as absolute truth and made the effort to find it.

The search was as important to me as breathing. It was not something I decided to do. It was something I had to do. Actually it has been more important to me than breathing, because when I find some truth, I am willing to die for it rather than compromise such a pearl of great price.

My life has been spent on the quest and I am 71 now. It has been a frustrating and richly rewarding journey. I would not have missed it for this world; I have found a better world.

When I was very young and started the search, I started in church. The churches compromised the truth and I could not understand how a group of people who claimed to believe in Christ did not believe what the Bible said about Him. They did not believe in miracles. They were very “educated and scientific” in the 1950’s and looked for rational and scientific means to explain away the miracles. By the time I was 19, I knew for certain that they did not believe what they were professing to believe and I looked elsewhere.

I would find something that seemed good and true, but as I studied it and considered it I would find deep flaws. The New Age is all about Magick and Miracles but no one tries to explain them away. As long as God and the Bible are omitted, it seems a person can believe anything without repercussion. Absolute Truth stands the test; it does not fall apart on closer inspection.

Words [in the New Age teachings] were deliberately changed and used to confuse us. God was not the God of the Bible, but whoever they decided God was. They believe that man is God and man creates God in his own image. I spent a lot of my study time finding out how they were defining words that seemed familiar but had entirely different meanings than I had supposed. I have read thousands of books in my search.

After many years of searching I came back to the Bible, the One Book that matters, and found that I saw Scripture very differently at 50. I told God that I would read the Bible and accept it as true; if I did not understand it, then I would assume it was my immaturity and not His need to do things my way. It changed my life. He began to show me things in Scripture that I had never been able to understand before. It is a very supernatural book. I know now that miracles really do happen and I am willing to admit that the fact that I cannot explain how God does things does not make God unable to do them. I just have more to learn and further to go on my journey. I enjoy the journey now.

The most difficult part was realizing how much we have been lied to and how often and by so many. We have been born into a world filled with lies, taught them in our homes, schools, churches and governments and coerced into agreeing with them if we want to succeed at high levels. I was horrified. I literally felt sickened and disgusted by what I discovered. For a while, I thought it might destroy me because everything in my belief system was being taken apart and found to be based on these lies. I was overwhelmed.

I held on to Scripture and learned to depend on the Holy Spirit to guide me through it all. Truth would replace the lie as each was discovered. Fear receded as love and life flowed into me.

After many years of delving into this, I can deal with it better now. We really do live in a fallen world and I accept it now instead of thinking that evil could not exist; I know it can and does exist. The Bible says how evil this world is and I finally had to accept the fact that God knows what He is talking about.

Learning the truth and standing up for truth is a demanding quest and has been the best possible use of my life. I happily anticipate my future and love to see what He has planned for me today and forever.

– Elizabeth Carter


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