Identity by Comparison – A Non-Identity

Understanding something for what it truly is first requires one see that something, separately, from what it is not, everything. Then, and only then, can one accurately compare it to something else.

Todd Beal

What don’t I see that I think I see? What would I understand if I chose to see what I willfully will not perceive? But only for self-aggrandizement do I command reality to match my preconception. Why, why do I insist on seeing your identity apart from who you are? Why do I insist on seeing everything in terms of something else? It is only that I want you and everything else to be me, me… me.

Relativism is not freedom. It is an unlawful prison that robs relationships of their anchored identity.


About Todd Beal

I love truth and its facts. I love thought-provoking conversations that give both the other person and me a better understanding of a particular topic. I love to find answers to life-long questions; answers that let me see things for what they are instead of what they seem to be. I truly enjoy being in the midst of a group of people where all individuals are joining in, where everybody is enjoying the company of each other. I relax in the company of individuals who are competent yet humble. I like to catch myself doing or saying something ridiculous and then laugh my head off. I enjoy my church and being involved.
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5 Responses to Identity by Comparison – A Non-Identity

  1. Lance Ponder says:

    “Relativism is not freedom. It is an unlawful prison that robs relationships of their anchored identity.”

    When I read that I got a picture in my head of being locked in a house of mirrors at a carnival. Other kiddies are scared of clowns, but I was always scared of those places when I was little.


  2. Lance Ponder says:

    PS – this is my last night working at the hotel. I won’t be online very often for the foreseeable future. I regret that I will not be around regularly to read and throw in my 2 cents. I know you love pennies. LOL. I will be around some, but not as often. I just wanted you to know. Blessing, bro.


    • Todd Beal says:

      Lance, I’m sorry for you, me, all of us. I know I am not alone when I say I will miss your frequent wit, reasoning, scholarship, testimony – both here on Truth Behind Reality and Divine Logos. I hope this is a good move for you. Please stay in contact whenever possible.

      I miss you already just thinking about it.

      Your friend,



      • Lance Ponder says:

        Thanks for all the encouragement. I’ll still be around, but with dial up it just won’t be as often. Keep up the great posts tho – I will be stopping by here as regularly as possible. 😀 Besides, this is a good thing!


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