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Beyond the Intellect

Knowledge in and of itself does not equal an experience. Christy Shaw ♦ Knowledge apart from experience is always second hand. First-hand knowledge is gleaned only, always, from first-hand experience. Knowledge apart from experience is hearsay at best, Advertisements

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The Biblical Book of Job – Is It Old or Real Old?

I usually shy away from those topics strictly defined as purely theological, as they are usually not presentable in the Truth Behind Reality statement/elaboration format. However, I am making the rare exception with this post. I have worked hard over … Continue reading

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Truth – The Consuming Fire of Absolute Life

Truth reduces everything to life, destroying all else along the way. If Truth destroys you, it is not from a destructive nature but by the all-powerful nature of Absolute Life. All that is not of Truth is thereby dead to … Continue reading

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God Is On My Side

You say God is on your side. Has he introduced his nature to you? Does he love your enemy as much as he loves you? What does he require of you, your allegiance only, or your whole heart, filled with … Continue reading

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Know Your Enemy

Know your enemy; know his ways. Find his strengths and what makes them weak. Understand his purpose and know his will. What are the means at his disposal to carry out his mission? What is the history behind his motives: … Continue reading

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My Little Helper

Too many women treat their husband as their “little helper” – God created her for the role of helpmate, not him.

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Humanity’s Ultimate Experience

I count it a privilege to experience all sides of my humanity, for within even its darker side God sustains me, strengthens me and fills me up with his Spirit,

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