Power comes and power goes;
Love goes – yet sometimes does not return.

Fields of grain grow, then golden –
But not if not for their planting prior that spring.

Todd Beal

Who retains power apart from love, and what is love, absent its power? Who sends the rain, and provides the fertile soil? If in love one plants a seed, will it not die first then grow transformed?

Is all for naught if left for chance; yes, and so is gain, if received but not returned, and if sought where none is given.


About Todd Beal

I love truth and its facts. I love thought-provoking conversations that give both the other person and me a better understanding of a particular topic. I love to find answers to life-long questions; answers that let me see things for what they are instead of what they seem to be. I truly enjoy being in the midst of a group of people where all individuals are joining in, where everybody is enjoying the company of each other. I relax in the company of individuals who are competent yet humble. I like to catch myself doing or saying something ridiculous and then laugh my head off. I enjoy my church and being involved.
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6 Responses to Harvest

  1. Lance Ponder says:

    Not much I can add to that. 😀


  2. Nothing I can add either.
    You have us stumped.


    • Todd Beal says:

      Angela, give your thoughts.


      • Todd Beal says:

        I welcome your thoughts Angela. Is the post vague, an enigma, etc? This blog is my attempt to refine the content of the book I am writing, “Truth Behind Reality”. Your input would be most helpful.


        • In one way the post is vague, but on the other hand, you have it covered in what you say.

          We have learned for years that every cause has its effect and I see this post as mainly a cause/effect thing.

          >> Who retains power apart from love, and what is love, absent its power?
          How can I add anything to that, apart from agreeing with it? Only those you love have the power to hurt – to hurt the emotions, the real being. Love is a powerful force – not always for good. Murder has been committed in the name of love.

          I suppose this post could be headed LIFE because it sums up life in general.


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