Way of the Tyrant

Tyrants take a good ideology, twist it, then force it on those they control.

Todd Beal

Tyrants always rise in the midst of a crisis. Power and charisma mark their presence, and, with passionate unwavering conviction, they speak in defense of the people. They hate “greed” and “corruption”, and long to lift up their countrymen – or do they?

Listen closely to their message. A tyrant vilifies the problem and offers himself as your solution. He borrows the word “we” to mask the intent of “I”, and borrows the word truth to hide the façade of self-gratification. He sees only corruption in his foe but is blind to his own lust for autonomy.

So what is the tyrant’s ideology? Why… it’s yours and mine – equality for all – except the human version of equality inevitably rations individuality by averaging uniqueness. It’s the oldest delusion in history, and he knows that. Using the word equality, he skillfully levels the playing field beneath him, promising to stabilize an intolerable situation. Of course he is no “liar”; he gives to the masses what they desire and rights the wrongs of those who precede him, but just long enough to quietly assume his throne of power, and destroy… you.


About Todd Beal

I love truth and its facts. I love thought-provoking conversations that give both the other person and me a better understanding of a particular topic. I love to find answers to life-long questions; answers that let me see things for what they are instead of what they seem to be. I truly enjoy being in the midst of a group of people where all individuals are joining in, where everybody is enjoying the company of each other. I relax in the company of individuals who are competent yet humble. I like to catch myself doing or saying something ridiculous and then laugh my head off. I enjoy my church and being involved.
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9 Responses to Way of the Tyrant

  1. Lance Ponder says:

    Poetry in the guise of prose. 😉


  2. Mike Gantt says:

    The most diabolical tyrant of all is the one who does all the things you describe, but won’t even reveal his existence to those he domineers and misleads. That’s why I love Acts 26:18.


    • Todd Beal says:


      Isn’t that the truth. Followers are according to their master, and who better for a tyrant to learn from than Lucifer himself, the father of lies. Thanks for dropping by and commenting Mike.


  3. Adolf Hitler being the icon of the tyrant. How easy it is, even for people who lived in Germany at the time and supported the Nazi regime, to look BACK on the situation and see the blatant evil for what it was. We watch the old newsreels showing the dictator shouting his invective, eyes burning with hatred, and shake our heads, wondering how anyone could have followed such a nut. Yet they did. They felt inspired by the words of someone who promised to GET THINGS DONE, mesmerized by his determination. MILLIONS of otherwise good people, who woke up as is from a dream when it was all over, with Europe in ruins and the blood of genocide on their hands. There were various levels of guilt and complicity, and many resisted at the cost of their lives, but so many simply went along for the ride.

    We like to think that the lesson of Hitler has been learned, and that it couldn’t possibly happen again. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that the role we know of as Anti-Christ may be personified by more such personalities before all is said and done. Maybe a charismatic who will galvanize the disparate factions of radical Islam? Who knows. We need to be watching for this in every direction.


    • Lance Ponder says:

      Yes we do. A couple of people to keep an eye on are George Soros and Javier Solana. If there’s an Islamic figure to appear I don’t think he’s shown himself yet. … unless you count Mohammad.


    • Todd Beal says:

      I wrote my very first school essay on Hitler.  I was hooked from the beginning.  Hitler actually did accomplish a whole lot for Germany.  He initially gave Germany back her national pride and built a robust infrastructure,  but as you pointed out, Michael, at a terrible cost.  This is the way of the tyrant; ride in as savior, ride out as destroyer.


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